Blakedown Village Car Park

The village car park is there for residents and those passing by to enjoy a free short-term parking facility whilst using the local businesses on and around the Birmingham Road.

It is short-term as stated on the 2 signs displayed at both ends of the car park. There are also 2 Instavolt charging stations for use for as long as the electric vehicle requires. The charging spaces are rented from the Parish Council by Instavolt.

We frequently receive reports of poor parking, misuse of disabled and charging spaces and blocked access and make the following response:-

  • We rely on the goodwill of people to use the car park properly and considerately .
  • There is appropriate signage indicating that the car park is for short term use.
  • There are people who will disregard the signage.
  • We have considered introducing parking enforcement but have ruled this out based on financial and administrative cost.
  • The cars parked against the wall are parked on The Avenue which is un-adopted land and so is not within the parish council’s gift to enforce or manage.

Nevertheless, we remain open to exploring ways of improving the situation for all and will keep the matter under review.

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