Coronation Roses planted on the Village Green

Hope you’ve noticed the beautiful Coronation roses (supplied by Hodge Hill) planted on the Village Green? Cllr Marcus Hart granted a sum of money to the Parish which funded the Coronation Picnic on the 6th June, and also these more durable reminders of the Coronation. Thanks to Becky Vale (Parish Councillor) and Louise Sahota (Clerk) for organising, and PC Councillors Jim Long and Richard Benney for coming along to ….well, to supervise rather than to do the digging!

Please see the roses that are coming into bloom at the moment, on the attached photo. We hope to enjoy their perfume for many summers to come.

In photo (from left to right): County Councillor, Marcus Hart ; Clerk to Churchill & Blakedown Parish Council, Louise Sahota ; Parish Councillors: Jim Long, Richard Benney and Becky Vale.

Thanks to the parish councillors who have volunteered to the keep them watered while establishing!