Parish Council meetings are currently being held in person at Blakedown Sports Pavilion and are normally held on the second Tuesday of the month commencing at 7:00pm.

Residents are entitled and welcome to attend the meetings, so please contact the Clerk if any assistance is required.

Next meeting: Full Council Meeting - Tuesday 9th July, 2024

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Meeting DateMeeting TitleAgendaMinutesSupporting Documents
Tue 10th Dec, 2024Full Council MeetingNA
Tue 12th Nov, 2024Full Council MeetingNA
Tue 8th Oct, 2024Full Council MeetingNA
Tue 10th Sep, 2024Full Council MeetingNA
Tue 9th Jul, 2024Full Council MeetingNA
Tue 11th Jun, 2024Full Council Meeting DownloadView All
Tue 28th May, 2024Annual Meeting of the Parish DownloadNA
Tue 14th May, 2024Annual Meeting of the Parish Council Download DownloadView All
Tue 9th Apr, 2024Full Council meeting Download DownloadNA
Tue 12th Mar, 2024Full Council meeting Download DownloadNA
Tue 13th Feb, 2024Full Council meeting Download DownloadNA
Tue 9th Jan, 2024Full Council Meeting Download DownloadNA