Brrrr, It’s Cold Out There…..

The Norman Dawson Trust, concerned at the many pressures we are all facing around inflation, the increasing cost of living, and soaring fuel prices, are sponsoring (through the Parish Council) a series of mini ‘Winter Warmer’ events around the villages during the winter months.  These might be a table games afternoon in the Sports Pavilion, a coffee morning / afternoon (in addition to the excellent Saturday coffee mornings run by the Historical Society) in the Signal Box or at Churchill Village Hall, or even one of Mary MacDiarmid’s super soup lunches – social occasions which offer 3 or 4 hours to meet friends and new people in a warm and hospitable venue.  We’ll also be making information available about efficient heating systems, grants, subsidies etc. – and hopefully will be joined by advisers from the CAB or Social Services.

To start the ball rolling, there’ll be

an afternoon tea in the Sports Pavilion) on Wednesday 21st December from 1:00 pm until 4:00 pm.

BUT (there’s always a ‘but’) – we need your help!  Help running it (making tea and coffee, setting up and clearing up the room, etc.), and help in making sure the right people know about it and are encouraged to come along (with you too, if possible).  We realise that the people who might most benefit from these events are probably not reading this Facebook page – so we’re relying on you to make sure that they hear about it.  If you can help, know someone who would like to come along (we really don’t know at the moment just how many people to expect, or how many people would  really like to take up this opportunity), or can offer other suitable events / venues, please message Sue Fowler, or email on

Watch this space for further dates, venues and event details!