22/0464/OUT6 Former Green Belt Land off Station Drive, Blakedown

WFDC outline planning for car park and housing on a former greenbelt site adjacent to Station Drive: View the full application

Wyre Forest District Local Plan (2016-2036)

The Local Plan includes the planning policies used to guide and determine future planning applications in the Wyre Forest District. It details the scale and distribution of new development and includes land allocations and designations. The Wyre Forest District Local Plan (2016-2036) was formally adopted by Wyre Forest District Council on 26 April 2022. View […]

Churchill and Blakedown parish boundary map

Churchill & Blakedown Neighbourhood Plan

The Churchill and Blakedown Neighbourhood Plan has been made by the District Council forming part of the Wyre Forest District Council’s Development Plan after it was officially adopted on 26th July 2017. Planning applications for development in Churchill & Blakedown will now have to take into account the parish’s Neighbourhood Plan. View the full application